Poynton Egypt Group

Bringing Egyptology to Cheshire

We are a group based in the North-west of England, who meet monthly to hear lectures about Ancient Egypt.

We usually meet on the fourth Friday of the month at Poynton Civic Hall,off Park Lane, Poynton, Cheshire. Our meetings begin at 8:00pm, but you are invited to come in about 7:30pm, to take your seat and meet other members.

We invite you to browse this website and find out how we are bringing Egyptology to northern Cheshire. You might also wish to join, and we include details of how you might do this. You do not need any formal qualifications in Egyptology to come to any of our meetings, but just an interest for the subject.

So whether you have visited Egypt in the past, or have attended a course or two at a centre for Further Education or university, or are just fascinated by the architecture, history and people of this ancient civilisation, please click on the links on the left to find out more about this group and our activities.



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Latest Events

28 Feb 2020
08:00PM - 09:30PM
Bryony Renshaw - Women in the wake of Hatshepsut: the female family of Tuthmosis III
Poynton Civic Centre
27 Mar 2020
07:45PM - 08:00PM
Annual General Meeting
Poynton Civic Centre
27 Mar 2020
08:05PM - 09:30PM
Geoffrey Killen - The development of coffin design in Ancient Egypt
Poynton Civic Centre

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